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Limited Warranty for Tempered Glass


Gresso Tempered Glass, Gresso LLC provides to its valued customers flat and radius bent glass products to their specific requirements. Gresso LLC does not offer warranties of performance nor do they warrant performance for their customer’s use. How a customer handles and processes the glass product is solely the customer’s responsibility. The tempered safety glass are warranted only to be manufactured and transported as applicable for using to the Gresso LLC standards written hear.

Gressomiami doesn’t warrant against glass breakage.

Return Policy

Defects must be reported within 15 days of receipt.

Defects must also be reported prior to any further assembly or processing performed by the customer. The purchaser shall examine the product for any damage or defect in advanced and notify Gresso LLC of the same. If the purchaser fails to do it within 15 days from the actual day of receipt its claim will deemed waived. Damaged product and packaging materials must be retained for inspection and shall not be returned without prior consent. Copies of documentation regarding defective material consisting of packing lists, crate tags and original invoices must be provided to determine eligibility of proper credit. No returns will be accepted and no credit will be given without prior written authorization. In no event Gresso LLC will not responsible for the expense of installation or removal of a defective item or the replacement item, nor will Gresso LLC be responsible for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential personal property or commercial damage.
The following conditions will NOT be covered under the Return Policy:

  1. Minor blemishes and scratches, color variations, bubbles or other imperfections naturally occurring in the glass that do not significantly impair the structure or vision through the glass.
  2. Any defect that is caused by improper handling during storage, transportation, or installation including using abrasive materials to clean the outside glass surface.
  3. Glass breakage for any cause or reason.
  4. Subjection to environmental stresses resulting in glass surface temperature differentials, accidental impact, or by building settlement/movement.
  5. Use of units in any on or off road motor vehicle applications.
  6. Condensation on the external surfaces of the window and/or glass, which may occur as the natural result of humidity and interior/external temperature differentials.
  7. Improper application, installation, alteration, modification, or use of the glass units, including the application of aftermarket films and non approved glazing materials.
  8. Any and all costs incurred during removal or reinstallation of the defective insulated glass unit including associated shipping costs.
  9. Any additional costs incurred relating to other activities necessary in finishing the reinstallation or damage to/loss of other property.